Summer in Hawaii


With summer upon us it brings back memories of when I was a child growing up in Hawaii. I will try to share with you some of my childhood memories and also introduce you to some useful summer words in English.

When I was a junior high school student I used to live within walking distance of the beach. In the summer my cousins and I would walk to the beach to go surfing. I don't remember ever putting on sunscreen so I had a very dark suntan all the time. We would walk there barefoot and with no t-shirts, only wearing our board shorts. The reason why we did this is we didn't want anyone to swipe our things off of the beach. The beach that we went to wasn't the safest place and there were always some hoodlums hanging around there. We would spend the whole day at the beach surfing and sun bathing.

At lunch time we would buy lunch from the lunch wagon. Summer was a great time in my childhood.

I hope you enjoyed reading about summer in Hawaii and be careful not to get heatstroke!

Have a great summer and keep cool!



  • upon us - here now
  • walking distance - close enough that you can walk to the place
  • sunscreen - used to protect our skin from UV rays of the sun
  • suntan - brown or dark colored skin from exposure to the sun
  • barefoot - no shoes or sandals, nothing on the feet
  • board shorts - swimsuit used for surfing
  • swipe - to steal, to take something that's not theirs
  • hoodlums  - criminal low life, low level gangsters
  • sun bathing - lying out in the sun to get a tan or relax
  • lunch wagon - portable kitchen in a truck or van that sells plate lunches
  • heatstroke - heat sickness from dehydration and extreme temperatures