My Top 5 Japanese Snacks

Japanese snacks are delicious. Today I will tell you my top 5...

5. Brown sugar bun (kokutou mushipan) 

I love any kind of mushipan (steamed bread). I love the texture and for me it is a lot like eating cake. But this kind of bread is particularly delicious. 

Sadly, however, the only place I have ever found this has been in7/11. And even then it is rare. If anybody knows where I can get this, please write in the comments! I would be very grateful!

4. Four - cheese bun

Family Mart used to sell these, but now these too have disappeared! I like any kind of bun in Japan, but these were amazing. Four types of cheese together in one bun. I used to eat them every time I finished work.

3. Meiji biscuits

I love having these when I have a cup of tea so that I can dunk them.  Green tea flavour, strawberry flavour and even choco - banana flavour...all very rich, creamy and thick. and I love them.

2. Fried rice crackers (bonchi) or onigiri senbei  

I don't buy these now. 

OK, why don't I buy them when I enjoy these so much? 

Well...if I'm not careful, I can quite easily finish a whole 180g bag very quickly. They are just too nice. 

I especially like the spicy sausage ones you get in individual packets.

1. BLACK THUNDER!!!!!!!!

Black Thunder is an amazing chocolate bar. It's very light, crispy and it goes very well with a cup of tea or coffee, or as something to nibble on when you are starving. 

Black Thunder, in my opinion, is not as good if it is too warm and almost melting. I think it is best when put in the fridge for half an hour in the warmer months. There are also many flavours of Black Thunder...and all are great: the original, Big Thunder I, II and III, cherry blossom (sakura) Thunder in a pink wrapper, roasted soybean Thunder (kinako), coconut, peanut, Hokkaido white chocolate...but my absolute favourite has to be DARK MATTER THUNDER.

This is the biggest, chunkiest, richest Black Thunder there is, with a rich biscuit base and extra, nutty chocolate layered up inside. What separates this bad boy is that it is of the dark chocolate variety - the first and only Thunder to be so. If you buy them from Don Quijote they are only ¥100!

Let us know what your favourite Japanese snacks are!

Take care!