Interesting UK facts!

Hello everyone! How are you?

Today I want to tell you some interesting facts about the UK. Enjoy!

1. The UK? 

The full name of the UK is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Great Britain alone consists of Wales, Scotland and England but NOT Northern Ireland. 

I know many of you were wondering what the difference is!

2. Windsor Castle

This is the largest and oldest castle in the world that is still occupied (lived in). It has been a home to the Royal Family for over 1000 years!

3. The British Library

This library, based in London, is the biggest in the world. It has over 170, 000, 000 items catalogued there.


4. Postage Stamps

The UK is not required to name itself on postage stamps because they were invented there. 

The Penny Black was first issued in 1840 and has Queen Victoria's profile on it. I wish I had one of the oldest ones because they are worth around ¥18, 000, 000 now. My goodness.

5. The Tower of London

This historic castle now holds 26, 000 jewels belonging to the Royal Family. Some of them are 500 - carat diamond!

It was a prison originally. The last prisoner held here was the Nazi officer, Rudolf Hess, in 1941.

6. Swans

These majestic birds all belong (legally) to the Queen if they are found on open water. This is one reason why killing them is illegal.

7. The Tube

The London Underground first opened in 1863, making it the world's first metro system.

8. Golf

I know Japanese people like golf, so it may interest you to know that in 1457 it was invented in St. Andrew's in Scotland.

9. The Queen

She is the only person in the UK who travels without a passport.

10. Stonehenge

Built around 3000 B.C., this mysterious monument is older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

11. The Sea

No place in England is more than around 75 miles from the ocean, something that I really love about the UK.


That was interesting wasn't it? I hope you learned something new today.