June 2017 Top Vocabulary Words!

Hi everyone! We taught 2406 vocabulary words in June 2017. Here are the five most common:


Fair means light skin or hair color.


Pale also means light skin color. However, pale is often used when someones skin is too light and maybe they are sick. Pale usually has a negative meaning.

Example:  Are you OK? You look pale today. 

Humid (形容詞)

When it is humid, there is a lot of water in the air.

Summers in Osaka are hot and humid!!


If you have permission, it means you are allowed to do something. If you give permission, it means you are allowing someone else to do something.

Would your boss give you permission to take the day off tomorrow?


Your commute (名詞)is your trip from your house to your workplace or school.

How long does your commute take?

Commute can also be used as a verb. 

I commute by train.