Late Summer Plans

Being back in Japan after having spent a couple of weeks in Canada has taken a bit of getting used to.  It's difficult to adjust to the humidity of Osaka after returning from the cool, dry atmosphere in Toronto.  Although I'm not too fond of the humidity, I do still love the summer in Japan because nearly every day is bright and sunny, and all the colors appear to be much more saturated than any other season.

This summer, I would like to go to the seaside to enjoy the scenery and try some fresh sushi.  Most beaches are beyond crowded in Japan so I doubt that I'll be able to go swimming, but watching the rough waves of the sea crashing onto rocky formations close to shore will probably be satisfying enough for me.  Being close to the sea makes me feel cool and relaxed, and the areas that are not suitable for swimming are usually the best for taking pictures because they are more secluded and practically deserted.

When I go to the seaside, I like to scavenge for seashells that have washed ashore, or look for remarkable sea creatures.  The most memorable living things that I have found on a beach included a starfish and a sand dollar.  The sand dollar in particular didn't seem alive at first due to its odd shape and lack of movement.

Aside from my yet-to-be-finalized plans to visit Wakayama this summer, I will probably also go cycling quite a lot to enjoy the sunshine and stay in shape.