Watsons Bay Sydney


Sydney is arguably Australia's most famous city, and is definitely its biggest, but even the locals don't always know about the jewel in Sydney's crown - Watsons Bay.

There are plenty of famous, and even world famous, places to check out in and around Sydney: the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, AMP Sydney Tower, the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Blue Mountains, Darling Harbour, the Rocks, Taronga Zoo, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Bondi Beach, the Hunter Valley wineries, Randwick Racecourse, the Olympic Stadium and Showgrounds, and plenty more.  But, in my mind, at the top of that list is Watsons Bay.

Picture this: on a beautiful, sunny afternoon you find yourself looking across Sydney Harbour from near the mouth of the harbour, on your right you can see a vast expanse of trees making up a national park, on your left you can see the shore of the harbour as it winds from suburb to suburb, and in the distance in front of you is the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the skyline of the city capped by AMP Sydney Tower.


Now, imagine yourself enjoying that view while munching away on fresh seafood (my personal favourite is the fish and chips, but they have seafood platters, oysters, and all sorts of other goodness to choose from) and knocking back some nice wine or a cold beer in the beautiful sunshine in the beer garden for a few hours.

Honestly, it doesn't get much more relaxing or beautiful than that in Sydney, and it is without a doubt my favourite place in the area.  What's more, as I mentioned earlier, even a lot of the locals don't know that this absolute gem is right under their noses, although that doesn't stop it from getting crowded, especially on weekends.  So do yourself a favour, and if you do check it out, get there on a weekday afternoon.

How can you get there?  Well, you could take a bus from the city centre, but I recommend the ferry from Circular Quay.  It's a beautiful trip across the harbour in the fresh saltwater air, and beats being on a bus any day.  For the return journey, however, the bus might be a better option, as the last ferry back to Circular Quay leaves fairly early (before 5pm from memory).

However you get there and back, though, if you are in Sydney for a day, a week, a month, or however long, do not miss out on Watsons Bay.  It could very well be the highlight of your time there.