New Year's Sales

I have always been amazed by the enthusiastic way that Japanese people approach New Year's sales.  They line up and patiently wait outside department stores on a freezing morning in order to be first in line to get a lucky bag or an item that is limited in number.  They dig through sales bin after sales bin in a crazed state until they have an armful of discounted products ready to be carried over to the checkout counter.

This year I thought that I would try and participate in the sales excitement, without actually being physically present at any of those overcrowded department stores.  Instead, I decided to shop online and throw virtual items into my online shopping cart in order to get coveted products that I hadn't been willing to pay full price for.  But... I discovered that Japanese shoppers are just as savvy online as they are at the stores.  Within seconds of receiving an email from Marimekko alerting me to their online sale having started, I jumped onto the site and frantically went through page after page of items only to see "sold out" in red again and again.  It was uncanny how so many items managed to disappear in so little time.  

Next year I will try again, but with my computer, which is capable of loading pages a lot faster than my cell phone.

~ Samantha