My Plans for 2018

This year is going to be a good year for me, I hope.  I don't have any big plans but I want to try and learn some things and better myself.  Also I want to try and be healthier this year.

The first thing that I want to learn is how to program in different languages.  I have always had an interest in computers, since I was a child, and started programming at a very early age.  This was back when we used basic as a programming language and I used an Apple II (Google Apple II and look at the images, you will be surprised!) .  That was back in the late seventies. In high school I loved computer class and was very good at using our school computers.  In fact, I was so good at it that I could take control over a different student's workstation and do mischievous things to it.  I could make it beep and I could see what the student was typing and answer back. When we first start using the computer we have to type in, "Hello".  When the student typed that in I would send a message saying, "What do you want?"  I could also make the printer keep feeding paper non-stop.  You see, in the old days we used printers that used paper that was fed from a box and had perforations on it so you could tear off what you printed. 

The next thing that I should have done a long time ago is start to study Japanese. :)

I have lived here long enough that I should have learned a lot more than I did. The problem is that I am lazy when  it comes to things like that.  I want to start to learn the more common kanji and maybe even take the JLPT for fun.  I heard that it's of no use to you unless you have the highest ranking of N1.  Anyone have any suggestions or hints on how I should go about studying Japanese? 

Well I hope you all are having a good year!