Fly 90s words that you should know!

Hella cool - This phrase was meant to describe something that was very cool or good looking.

e.g. Those new shoes you have are hella cool!


Wazzzzzzap - This was an incarnation of joining the words "what's up" together to create something more "fun" to greet your close friends with.


Phat - Pronounced "fat", means something is very good looking or hot.

e.g. That watch you have there is phat bro!


Psyche - Pronounced (sigh-ku) was one of my favorites to use.  When you are joking with someone you can say "psyche" to let them know that you are joking instead of saying "just joking".

e.g. I won the lottery and I'm going to quit my job!  Psyche!


Stylin' - Used if you want to tell someone that you think they look good. 

e.g.  Yo Ben you're stylin today with that new doo!


Trippin' - This word is used to describe a person that is going crazy about something or freaking out.

e.g. That guy at the station was trippin' about the train being late.


Wacked - Used to describe a person that did something stupid or crazy.

e.g. Yo Ben is wacked, man.  He just told me to wash the patio outside the room!


Dip - Used instead of "leave".

e.g.  Well that's all I got for now so I gotta dip!


Hope you all enjoyed that!  And the answer is "Yes", We actually did use these words in the 90s!


- Scott