Food Habits

There are some food habits in North America that might seem a bit peculiar or unappetizing to Japanese people.  Many of these habits are acquired at a young age in order to make preparing meals quick and easy.

  1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches- These sandwiches are incredibly common and popular with people of all ages because they are both sweet and salty.  All you need are two slices of bread, peanut butter, and a jar of jam.  Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread, and your favorite jam on the other (strawberry is used most often), and then slap them together.  Toasting the bread is optional.

  2.  Microwaved hot dogs- A good majority of North Americans can't be bothered to wash up the frying pan after cooking hot dogs, so they opt to nuke them instead.  Microwaving a hot dog takes about 60 seconds and doesn't require much cleanup afterwards.  Plus, you can slice the hot dog lengthways first and add some cheese before cooking to make it extra special.

  3. Nachos and salsa- You're bound to find this tasty snack whenever there is a big football or soccer game on the TV.  Some families can go through a few jars of salsa, as well as several bags of nacho chips, before they get sick of them.  They're that addictive!  No real food is required after you're done stuffing your face with this junk food.

  4. Tuna and corn- Another incredibly simple meal that consists of 1 can of tuna, 1 can of corn, and some white vinegar.   All you need to do is dump the tuna and corn into one large bowl, add as much vinegar as you like (and maybe some salt), mix and enjoy.

  5. Pop Tarts- These are precooked breakfast pastries that you heat up in the toaster.  Since they are so popular, they come in many different flavors and combinations.  One of my favorites is the strawberry with the regular white icing on top.  It's not the most nutritional breakfast out there, but it is probably one of the tastiest.  The only product that rivals the convenience and taste of Pop Tarts are Toaster Strudels, which are equally delicious.