Before I came to Japan


This is David

I thought maybe some people would be interested to know what I did before coming to Japan.

I finished university about 5 years ago in Manchester. I studied Mathematics with French and after I graduated I decided to study to become a teacher. I started my teaching degree in 2013 and it lasted for one year. I trained to become a mathematics teacher. It was a very difficult year and I had to work in different schools so I could learn how to become a teacher. I was very nervous at the beginning and I didn't really like it but it got easier after a while. 

Once I finished my teaching course I found a job in Worcester (the famous Worcester sauce comes from there) where I taught mathematics to students aged from 16-18. I taught classes of students who loved mathematics and also classes of students who hated it. It was a very interesting job but it was quite stressful because I was new.

After a year in Worcester I met my wife. We met in Birmingham which is a city not too far from Worcester. A year later my wife said she had found a job in Switzerland and asked me if I wanted to come as well. I wanted to follow her and also wanted to try something new, so in 2015 we moved to Switzerland. 

When I arrived I discovered that it was not easy to find a job. I searched for about a month and a half before I found a teaching position. The job was at a hotel school and the position was for a French teacher. That job was also very interesting because I could use my French skills and also learn how to become a language teacher. My students were from all over the world and I could speak with people from many different nationalities. We stayed in Switzerland for two years and we enjoyed our time there.

While living in Switzerland, we visited Japan on holiday. We really liked our trip. The people were very nice and the country was very interesting. It seemed like the right choice, so we decided to move here.

We arrived in Japan in November 2017 and we are happy that we moved. I am lucky enough to have found a job where I can talk with many interesting people and I am really happy to be able to discover a totally new country. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here!

So, there you go. That`s a summary of the last few years of my life. I hope that was at least a little bit interesting!