My Trip to Hiroshima

Hello everyone,

Recently I went on a short trip to Hiroshima with my wife. We only stayed one night but it was a very interesting trip.

I have wanted to go to Hiroshima for a while. This is because I am interested in the city and I was curious to find out more about it. Hiroshima is obviously very famous across the world because it was one of the places where the atomic bomb was dropped. This was one of the reasons why I was curious to see the city. 

On the first day we decided to go around the town a little. We found some nice cafes and restaurants and enjoyed seeing the city. After seeing the city we decided to head over to the town centre. In the centre there is a castle and a fantastic garden. the garden was very peaceful and I really enjoyed looking at the animals that lived there. There were fish, birds, terrapins and also crabs. 

Next, we went to the peace memorial in the centre of the city. This was quite an eerie place because of the terrible things that happened. We walked around the park and then we decided to go to the museum. The history of the city was very interesting. We were impressed that the city was rebuilt. The museum was quite sad but we learned a lot about Hiroshima.

In the evening the city was completely different. During the day it looked like a normal city but at night there were so many bars and restaurants. It was a really cool and trendy place. 

The next day we wanted to go to Itsukushima shrine and we took the train to the port. When we arrived we noticed that there were a lot of tourists standing near the port but no one was moving. We asked a person who worked there when the boat would leave. He said that unfortunately the ferry trips were canceled. He said that a typhoon was coming and they had to stop the ferry. Terrible news! It was impossible to see the shrine and so we went back to Hiroshima city

My wife and I were very disappointed that we couldn't see the shrine but we will go back sometime next year.  Hopefully there won't be a typhoon!