Sunday In Kyoto

Hello again,

Recently my wife and I have been going to Kyoto a lot more. We have found many places that we like to go to. Last weekend we went to the philosopher's path (Tetsugaku-no-michi) and luckily it wasn't too busy. The weather was very nice and we went to see some of the temples in the area. It's very peaceful. My wife likes the path because there are some cats which live there. She likes to go and take pictures of them every time we go.

After the philosopher's path we went to the river. We like to walk along the river because it's very green and the scenery is beautiful. My wife decided to go for a jog along the river so I waited for her on a bench. I read a book while I waited. This was just before sunset and everything looked stunning. Many other people were jogging along the river or taking their dogs for a walk. A lot of people were also practising instruments. 

A little later we walked to Kawaramachi because we like to walk down the small street with little restaurants and bars. There is a bar called Hello Dolly that we go to sometimes. It's a jazz bar and there is a live band. It's a little expensive but I think its worth it because the atmosphere is really nice. 

After the bar we were a little tired so we decided to head home but it was a really nice day and we are looking forward to going back to Kyoto soon.