My Difficulties Learning Japanese

Hello again,

I have been learning Japanese for a couple of years now and I wanted to tell you what problems I have had and how I am trying to get over them.


Japanese vocabulary is very difficult for me. I suppose English vocabulary is difficult for Japanese speakers as well and you probably have the same problems I do.

I find it difficult to remember new words. Usually I have to see a new word many times before I remember it.

However, the next problem is that I don't know how to use the word. Sometimes I think that my Japanese sounds strange (no-one has told me that but I think maybe people are too polite!)

The only way to understand how to use a word is to see the word many many times in different contexts. So, it will take a long time but I can already see that my vocabulary is improving.

I am reading a lot of different books and that has really helped me to understand how to use certain words.


Japanese grammar isn't really very difficult. It's a lot easier than English grammar.

The problem is that it's difficult for me to express my thoughts in Japanese. I think that a lot of students also have this problem in English. It's difficult to be understood.

Also, I have to remember a lot of things because I have to put the verb at the end of the sentence. This means that I hesitate a lot and I forget how to say things. It can be a little frustrating but I think I'm getting better at expressing myself.

Another problem is that I want to say long sentences in Japanese and then I get lost and confused. I have to learn to keep it simple! 

To help me I have been watching some Japanese TV shows (with no English!) and I am trying to remember how they say things. The problem is that I can't read the subtitles! 

I am going to keep trying and I am sure that my Japanese will get better someday!