Simple English Wikipedia: Detective Conan

Detective Conan(名探偵 コナン Meitantei Konan), is a crime mangaseries. This comic is written by Gosho Aoyama. The series began in 1994. The manga series has been made into an anime television show. It has been on the air from 1996 to the present time.


  • on the air=on TV/on the radio

Detective Conan is about a teenage detective named Shinichi Kudo, who is poisoned by an evil group called "The Black Organization". The poison was supposed to kill him. However, the poison instead turned him into a small child. Shinichi adopts a new identity as "Conan Edogawa", and lives with his girlfriend, Ran Mouri, and her father, Detective Kogoro Mori, under the pretence that his parents are away and unable to take care of him. As a child, Shinichi/Conan helps Kogorou solve murder cases, while trying to find the evil men who poisoned him, to steal the poison and create an antidote.


  • to poison=to give poison to someone (poison=毒)

  • the poison was supposed to kill him=the poison should have killed him but it didn't.

  • pretence=excuse, reason

  • antidote=medicine for poison

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

The main character. He solves cases (mostly murders) as a first grader. His seventeen-year-old body was shrunk due to a poison created by the Black Organization.


  • first grader=child in the first grade (year) at school.

  • shrink (shrink, shrank, shrunk)=to become smaller ex. My clothes shrank in the washing machine.

  • due to=because of

Ran Mori

A high-school friend of Shinichi. Conan lives with her, and she is not aware of his true identity. She longs to see Shinichi again.


  • to be aware=to know

  • to long for +noun/to long to+ verb=to really/deeply want

Kogoro Mori

Ran's father. He is a famous private detective, but his fame is due to Conan solving cases using his voice (via the Voice-Changing Bowtie).


  • fame (noun) -- famous (adjective)

  • Bowtie=tie in the shape of a butterfly

Hiroshi Agasa

plump doctor/professor who knows Conan's true identity and makes gadgets for him.


  • plump=a little fat

Ai Haibara

former member of the Black Organization. Her body shrank due to the same poison that Conan took.


  • former=old, before (she was a member but now she isn't)

Heiji Hattori

A rival high school detective who knows Conan's true identity.

Sonoko Suzuki

boy-crazy friend of Ran's. Conan sometimes uses her voice to solve crimes instead of Kogoro's. She is also a big fan of KID, the phantom thief.


  • boy-crazy=mad about boys, really loves boys

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