Looking back at 2018

Looking back at 2018 it is really amazing to see how we have been through so much this past year. There have been so many natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons and floods. I am very thankful that my home and the people I know were not drastically affected by things. It is really nice to see how the people in Japan really come together to help each other out when there is a need. I am really amazed at how people deal with the damage to their homes as if it is no big deal. It is good to see that most people have recovered and rebuilt their homes.

Another thing that was very interesting this past year was the weather. It seems that the weather has gotten very extreme in this past year. In Tokyo this past summer the temperature rose to 41.1 degrees, which is the highest on record in Japan according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Also, it seems like spring and fall have become shorter or gone away. We have seemed to go straight into summer from winter and from summer into winter. They say that this winter is going to be warm but it seems cold to me. I hope that the weather will stabilise and be nice to us. 

One of the good things about 2018 was that so many of our students had accomplished something that they set out to do. Some passed tests like the EIKEN or TOEFL after studying very hard here at Sunrise. Some people accomplished things at work using English that they learned here. Some people gained the confidence to speak to foreigners in the train or in the city.Others gained the confidence to keep studying English and not give up. I hope that 2019 will be a peaceful year and we can all be safe.