Being Tall In Japan

Hello again,

I'm sure you have noticed that I am tall. Many people in Japan are surprised to see someone so tall. A lot of people ask me the same question: "How tall are you?". In the UK we use feet and inches and I'm about 6 feet 3 inches tall but in Japan no one understands this, so in centimeters I'm about 193cm. In the UK I'm tall as well. Not everyone is as tall as me. However, in Japan I feel especially weird because I'm significantlytaller than everyone else. Sometimes people's reactions can be quite funny. Children are often surprised to see me and sometimes look a little shocked. I have also surprised the staff in dominos pizza a couple of times. They always seem a little frightened when I come in. 

Although it's sometimes funny there can be some disadvantages to being tall. For example, in the school there are stairs which lead to the school's entrance. I have hit my head on the ceiling above the stairs a couple of times now. That's definitely not fun! I have also hit my head on things in cafes and in many other places (including my own apartment!). This can be a little embarrassing in public. Also, sometimes people look at me a lot when I'm walking or on the train and this makes me a little paranoid!

That said, my wife can always find me easily (I tend to stand out in crowds), I can always breathe on the train even during rush hour and I can see things on the top shelves in shops :)

I hope that was interesting!

David Turner