Spelling & Easily Confused Words!

In English, spelling is just as important as pronunciation and grammar, because one misspelled word can make your sentence difficult to read or understand.  Check out the examples below to make sure that you avoid choosing the incorrect word with the same - or similar - pronunciation.

their 彼らの / there 〜あります / they're 彼らは 

Their house is on the corner of Wilks Ave. and Brampton Drive.

There are 99 cats living in Aunt Martha's backyard.

They're going to fly to Bermuda during the spring break.

pore over 注意深くに読む / pour 注ぐ

Amber pored over her notes for hours.

Don't forget to pour your ice into the sink before throwing away your cup!

advice(動詞)アドバイス、助言 / advise(名詞)アドバイスする

John's mother gave him some advice on what university he should attend.

Trump's lawyer advised him to deny all accusations.

effect(名詞) 効果  / affect(動詞)影響を与える

Osaka was affected by the cloud of smog spreading across Japan.

The special effects in Wonder Woman were pretty average.

altar 祭壇 / alter 変える、改正する

Churches have altars.

Altering your answers after the teacher asks you to hand in your exam paper is cheating.

brake ブレーキをかける / break 壊す、壊れる

You have to brake for all red lights.

Most cell phones will break if you drop them off of your balcony.

desert  砂漠 / dessert デザート

There are many delicious desserts on the menu, like a chocolate sundae and apple pie.

Even camels need water if they're going to be in the desert for a long time.

loose 緩い / lose 失う

These pants are too loose because they're a size too big.

Don't lose your bicycle key because you won't be able to get a new one.

The best way to remember these words is to make your own example sentences with them so that you get the hang of using them properly.

~ Samantha