Spring is great because life becomes so much simpler and efficient once winter has ended.  There is no longer any need for heating devices that cause dry eyes and dry skin.  Nor is there any need for refilling and cleaning out humidifiers to prevent mould from forming. 

Laundry drys so much quicker outside on the balcony, and there is an abundance of fresh air to enjoy in the mornings and late evenings.  We can jam our down jackets at the back of our closets and bury our woollen hats, gloves, and scarves under lighter articles of clothing on our closet shelves.  I can't wait to wash or dry clean all my winter clothing and pack it away for a very long time.

Already, most of the regular birds have begun to appear again in Osaka, signalling the start of spring.  And ice cream is making a comeback as the increasing sunshine inspires us to give up the zenzai and hot chocolate in favor of something cooler.  Also, all the department stores and boutiques have swapped out their winter stock and replaced it with trendy new spring designs.      

I have already made plans to go on a picnic two weeks from now because I firmly believe that the weather will be perfect for one by that time.

What are your plans for the spring?  What kinds of food/activities do you enjoy during this season?


~ Samantha