Puppy Friends

When I first got my puppy (Buttercup), she was terrified of other dogs.  She would not go near another dog, no matter how friendly they happened to be.  Over time, she got better and became a bit more social around her own kind.  She will now go up to just about any dog of any size with various rates of success.  However, dogs don't seem to be her favorite type of friend.  


This is Buttercup's list of preferred friends.


#1. Humans 

#2. Cats

#3. Turtles


She approaches all three in the same manner - walking on her hind legs with her tail wagging eagerly.  She also occasionally hops like a bunny.


This is how her intended friends react.


#1 Humans - think it is really cute and ask me how I trained her to do that... which I didn't

#2 Cats - get totally freaked out because there is a hopping creature coming after them

#3 Turtles - no reaction


~ Samantha