So, to begin just let me make the distinction that England is a country in the United Kingdom.

There are 4 countries in total: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland (Ireland is two countries!) and Wales.

Scotland is to the north of England and Wales is to the west of England. Northern Ireland is on an island to the west of England and Wales.

I grew up for the most part in England, in a city called Manchester. Most people know this city because of the football team but there is a lot more to know! Manchester was where the industrial revolution started and is now a very important city in England. It is also one of the biggest cities in England (not as big as Osaka but still pretty big).

Manchester has a lot of interesting things: there is a pedestrianised (not many cars) shopping centre, a lot of bars and clubs (the night life is considered very good in England), there is also a beautiful university (where I studied!). At the university there is also a very interesting museum with things from all over the world. There is also a v chinatown where there are Chinese New Year celebrations and a gay district with many bars. There is also a huge gay pride parade every year in Manchester which is also very interesting to watch.

There are some things I like to visit in England as well. I really like London, for example. I especially like Camden Market because it`s so interesting and a little bit weird. They sell unusual things and some old books and furniture etc. It`s nice to walk around.

I also really like Bath. It`s a city in southern England with a rich history. There is also a roman bath where you can take tours. You can`t swim in the bath though! It`s just to look at. 

Two other cities are of course Oxford and Cambridge which are both very historical cities. I spent only a short time in both but I was impressed by the buildings and the universities. I enjoyed the cafes and book shops in both cities. You may also be able to see a famous rowing race between Oxford and Cambridge!

Another area I like is the Lake District in the North of England. There are some very beautiful areas where you can see some English countryside and, of course, lakes. I really like this area because it`s so peaceful and it`s really nice to go for a walk in the forests. You can also have a nice tea and scones in a tea shop near some lakes. I used to go there when I was a child with my parents. We spent some very peaceful days next to the lakes.  I would also recommend going to the Cotswolds which is another beautiful area of England with really nice views and lovely English towns. 

I haven`t visited Scotland very much but I would recommend going to Edinburgh as well. The architecture is very interesting and the city has different levels. I really enjoyed my time in Edinburgh and I would like to go back someday.

There are lots of other things to see and do in England and you should definitely go there and see it for yourself. There are still so many things that I need to see for myself as well!

- David