Things I learned from the earthquake

The most recent earthquake to hit Osaka was definitely the biggest that I've experienced so far.  Aside from creating quite a mess of my apartment, it taught me how not to organize things in the future.

  1. Stacking CDs - While my closely packed Blu-rays remained on their top shelf, as did the similarly aligned CDs on the second shelf, the ones that had been stacked flew everywhere when the earthquake hit.  They were like horrifying projectiles that probably traumatized my dog, who tore off in the direction of the kitchen to escape them.  Advice - Don't stack things.
  1. Picture frames - These are going to be knocked down during a magnitude 4+ temblor, so it's important that they are not placed close to the edge of anything.  If they're going to fall over, let it be on the surface where they have been placed.  Advice - Keep picture frames and ornaments far from the edges of furniture.
  1. Glass furniture - Had my desk not been situated so close to the wall, everything on it would have been damaged or broken.  Why?  Because the glass top of the desk completely shifted off center and launched everything on it against the wall.  Advice - Don't put anything of value on glass furniture.
  1. Heavy pots and pans - Nothing crashes louder onto the floor, unless your oven happens to be thrown off of the cabinet that it's sitting on.  Steel kettles tend to make quite a lot of noise when they strike the floor, which adds to the panic. Advice - Secure all heavy objects in the kitchen, or keep them away from the edge of the counter.
  1. Electronics - I had the top of my dog's steel dog cage leaning up against the bookcase, next to the TV, when the shaking started.  It narrowly missed cracking my TV screen, crashing onto the floor instead. Advice - Don't put anything that might damage your electronics within striking distance.
  1. Pets - During an earthquake it's best to stop moving in a relatively safe place, not run around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Needless to say, my dog didn't react very well to her first earthquake and had to be restrained for her own good. Advice - Grab your pet before it can injure itself in a panic, or be struck by falling objects.
  1. Fridge - There are far too many bottles of sauce in my fridge.  I probably have a sauce for every dish imaginable, and they all came crashing down during the earthquake. Advice - Keep sauce bottles in the fridge door, or behind bigger heavier objects.


Finally, try not to buy anything you don't need, that way you won't be stuck picking it up off the floor later on.


~ Samantha