A Simplified News Story

Recently, a soccer team and their coach became trapped in a cave when they tried to take shelter from heavy rains.  The cave quickly filled with water, forcing the soccer team deeper into the cave.  It was very difficult to get the boys and their coach out because the cave had become flooded with water.  While their rescuers tried to think of a way to rescue them, local authorities began to pump water out ofthe cave so that they would not drown.

The soccer team went missing on June 23 and were located alive and in good spirits on July 2 by 2 British divers and members of the Thai Navy SEALS.  It took them 3 hours to reach the boys and their coach because the cave tunnels were very narrow and dangerous.

In the beginning, the local authorities had wanted to find an opening in the cave to get the boys out.  However, in the end, they decided that the divers and Navy SEALS would help the boys escape through the tunnels because the weather forecast had predicted more heavy rain.

In the end, all 12 boys and their soccer coach were safely taken out of the cave in a miraculous rescue operation.


  • Trapped 閉じ込められる
  • Cave 洞窟
  • Take shelter 避難する
  • Flooded 浸水した
  • Rescuer 救助者
  • Rescue 助ける
  • Pump water out of ポンプでXから水を吸い出す
  • Drown 溺れる
  • Missing 行方不明になった
  • Good spirits 上機嫌で
  • Narrow 狭い
  • Local authorities 当局
  • Escape 脱走する
  • Weather forecast 天気予報
  • Predict 予想する
  • Miraculous 奇跡的な

~ Samantha