Strange Things My Dog Does

I'm quite impressed with how clever my dog has become after months and months of serious training, as well as some slacking off here and there.  Buttercup obeys commands regularly, so long as there is something in it for her, and there are no unavoidable distractions.  And she knows how to indicate when she needs something, like water, while out on a walk.  She even knows how to nudge the sliding door open in order to sneak into the bedroom when nobody is watching her.  But there are some things that she does that are a bit peculiar.

  1. Water- Even though I make sure she has a generous supply of fresh filtered water every day, she still eagerly rushes to the shower room when the door is left open to lap up the water from the floor.

  2. Leaves- The type and color doesn't matter.  All leaves are targets as morning or evening snacks.

  3. Cats- She continues to greet cats on her hind legs, which continues to freak out the cats.

  4. Velcro- She will ignore all her toys in favor of repeatedly opening and closing the velcro flap on her carrier bag.  I guess that she likes the sound of velcro.

  5. Licking- I have to use my Kindle and notebook in a separate room to avoid her jumping into my lap to lick them.  She licks everything!

  6. Vegetables- She gets more excited over a dropped piece of lettuce than one of her designated dog treats.

  7. Socks - When I momentarily leave the door to the front entrance open, she stealthily rushes over to my sneakers and takes off with one of the clean socks that I've just dropped beside them.  When I realize that one of my socks is missing, I have to rush back into the living room to get it back before she eats it.

I wonder what other strange things dogs do that I have yet to find out about.

~ Samantha