Past Tense - Irregular Verbs

Regular verbs are easy to remember in the past tense because you only need to add -ed, drop the y and add -ied, or double the consonant and add - ed, but irregular verbs require some practice and memorization.

Here are some common irregular verbs in the present and past tense:

  • blow - blew

  • break - broke

  • catch - caught

  • choose - chose

  • dream - dreamt

  • drive - drove

  • eat - ate

  • find - found

  • go - went

  • hang - hung

  • leave - left

  • meet - met

  • pay - paid

  • ride - rode

  • sleep - slept

  • steal - stole

  • teach - taught

  • win - won

Example sentences:

  1. Yesterday the wind blew my hat off.

  2. I broke my nail while washing dishes.

  3. Last week my friend caught a small fish in the Yodo River.

  4. Peter chose the chocolate ice cream and Many chose the matcha scone.

  5. Last night I dreamt about a city overrun with dinosaurs.

  6. My father drove from Toronto to Florida when I was a child.

  7. My dog ate a corner of the Pizza-La flyer this morning.

  8. I found a pachinko ball on the sidewalk.

  9. My friend went to Hawaii for her honeymoon.

  10. Someone hung a green coat on the electric pole across from Sunrise.

  11. Last year I left some of my clothes at my family's house in Toronto.

  12. The cast of the TV show "Suits" met the royal family.

  13. I paid ¥100 for a sausage McMuffin at McDonald's yesterday.

  14. In the 1800's many people rode horses to work.

  15. Some people slept through the earthquake.

  16. My dog stole my favorite sofa cushion.

  17. My grandparents bought me a bicycle, and my father taught me how to ride it.

  18. I won a Starbucks gift set three years ago.

~ Samantha