Lobster in Canada

There are many foods that I enjoy eating in Canada, but one of my favorites is lobster. There are quite a few steak and seafood restaurants that serve lobster. One of the most commonly known is Red Lobster. There are two styles of cooked lobster that I love at Red Lobster. One is the broiled lobster tail with hot butter sauce, and the other is the Caribbean rock lobster tail.

What does lobster taste like? It's a little like crab, but with more flavor, in my opinion. The best part of the lobster are the claws and tail. The body of the lobster is also delicious, but paying for a whole lobster is pretty expensive. You are charged for the weight of the lobster, so the bigger the lobster, the more you pay.

Some restaurants have a tank full of lobsters that is visible from the front entrance of the restaurant. It isn't strange to see a customer pointing out the lobster that they want to eat to one of the waiters or waitresses.

Lobsters can be barbecued, broiled, baked, or fried, but I think the best way to cook a lobster is to steam it. 

Once, when I was a child, my father bought a couple of live lobsters at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. He took them home, wrapped in a bag filled with ice, and dumped them into a pot of boiling water that he'd prepared on the stovetop. I was in the backyard at the time so I wasn't able to hear any noises coming from the kitchen, but my father said that the lobsters were screaming. The sound was so terrible that my father decided never to cook live lobsters again.


Commonly 一般に

Broiled オーブンで焼く

Flavor 味

Weight 重さ、体重

Visible 見える

Strange 変な

Live (形容詞)生きている

~ Samantha